This is a 30 Day “Try before you Buy” Program.  This starts with a “Success Session” where your goals and habits are discussed.  Your training program as well as an initial meal plan is put together to help you reach said goals.  You will have total access to coaches and training as if you were a full member.  You will learn how to foam roll, perform movement prep, and how to properly perform exercises in order to reduce the likelihood of injury.  This will give you a feeling of the “Family Unit that we have established here at I.M.P.A.C.T. Training.

ASCENSION  3, 4, & 5

Our Ascension Program is Personal Training delivered in a small group format. Each individual will have their own personally designed program and may work with up to 3 others.  The plus of the Ascension Program is that it also includes Vigor Training covering strength, power, core/cardio, and metabolic resistance training


Our Evolve Program is designed to take a new member, whether a deconditioned individual or a seasoned athlete, from their current level and gradually develop them through our process into a different (better) conditioning level.


Our Vigor program is a higher intensity workout that will help the member hone in on their healthy physical and mental energy. This will effectively push them to new levels of active strength and powerful movements, while maintaining safety through correct form and movement patterns.


The AllCore360° is a patent-pending technology that trains all of the body’s core muscles with a no impact, isometric, balanced, and coordinated technique. Users perform a 360º degree rotating plank, without moving their bodies or having weight on their wrists, elbows, or shoulders.

Youth Athletic Development

Our youth athletic development program focuses on improving Speed, Strength, and Agility. We evaluate each individual and customize a personal plan to achieve maximum potential. No matter what sport you play, we have programs and special techniques that will help overall performacne.

Manual Therapy – Stretching

Stretching program that will not only relieve pain and stress on the muscles, but also restores range of motion through your joints.


Personalized golf fitness program designed to help golfers better their game through corrective movement patterns, strength building, balance, and stability. All after taken through our TPI golf Screen to determine where we should concentrate to give you your best results.